It seems summer may be returning. I turned the AC back on just in case. It is a bit lonely this morning as John carried the last remaining employees off to Oxford this morning – supposedly just to change some batteries in a boat but we’ll see. In the mean time the canvas guy came to make some adjustments to the top on the Legacy 28. The new arch was just a bit different than the old one and the canvas no longer fit exactly right. 08085 The highlight of my day thus far was his little dog which is a cross between border collies and siberian husky – what a cutie! bc_husky There are a few little items on that boat that Carlos and Izzy can tend to later today. There is some insulation falling in the engine room which must be taken care of. 08083 There is also some insulation becoming unattached from the engine room hatch. We are planning on using a weld-mount kit to repair this. Also notice the rusty bracket for the hatch lifts  — which actually have no lift left in them. We do have new ones sitting on my desk to replace these. 08082 We had a customer go out last weekend and reported the boat not pumping water. What we found was a broken shaft on the raw water pump — this means new pump. You could repair it but if you are paying for the labor it is way cheaper to replace the pump. 08084 From the Workshop I tried my hand at turning flowers with somewhat successful results. I got a few almost paper thin but they blew apart. The vase came out of a rotten log from the wife’s garden. 08081