A rainy day today. The temperatures are supposed to be unseasonably comfortable for a few days despite it now being August. How did we get so lucky this year? We had almost a full house staff-wise yesterday except for one guy who is off on vacation — and John of course who reported that he worked until 5 am on the burger Tuesday night. We have some jobs that have fallen a bit behind so we need to focus our efforts on them. The Eastbay 43 exhaust system is all done and Tom was checking it out for any problems. Fortunately we found out in time that the diesel fill had not been reconnected.


We also found someone (I won’t say who) used bare wood for supports in places and that just won’t fly. We had Carlos throw a quick coat of paint on those so the job doesn’t diminish in workmanship.


The electronics also got finished up yesterday. They were close but everything needed to be interfaced (and tidied up!)


And here is the completed helm area. For a look at a before photo go to this posting.


The boat demolition is done. This first photo I took about 10 am and they had only cut the small flybridge off.


This photo was taken about 4. My real question is how did they get that entire boat in that dumpster?


After 2 years the squirrels finally found the feeder I made for them out in my back yard. Some people think I am a bit “off” for feeding the squirrels since they are considered to be rodents – but they are cute rodents!