We’re on the downside of the week now. They are predicting a bit of bad weather so we are trying to get the 42MY sanded and inside the building to keep it dry while we continue with the bottom work. If you saw the photos yesterday, the decks would be benefited by a good down pour just to get all the errant dust off them.

man in a dwarf suit?

They should be done sanding by lunch time (hopefully). There is still a bit of errant paint to remove. Not sure why they didn’t take the swim platform brackets off?

Thinking behind

Kevin is doing repairs to a boot top that involves 3 colors. This takes some time since you can only spray one color per day and sticking tape to fresh paint is iffy at best.

Like the zebra on the gum

There were also some other bubbles that needed repairing. In fact, we have been chasing bubbles for years on this boat (and no we did not do the original paint job!)


Once upon a time we were installing a certain winch motor on our boom jobs and by now they are all evidently reaching the extreme maintenance stage. The primary problem with all of them is the corrosion that builds up in the switch. There’s a lot of salt air time on these. You should occasionally pull the end off and clean all the contacts if you have the Warnes winch.

That's Tom's Hands


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