As is normal this time of year, we started off the day by launching a boat before getting into any real work. To be honest we need to be launching about 3 a day to be totally caught up by Memorial day.

Long shot

We are also doing a ton of polishing every day – it never seems to end.

Los tres amigos

These guys also polished all day yesterday. One would thing your arms would get tired from holding a buffer all day but at least it’s not me.

Rag head

We helped an owner install his stern thruster for a while. He was apprehensive about cutting a 6″ hole below the waterline so we did that for him. It’s only fiberglass and we do this sort of thing all the time.

Bringing in the big guns

Yep it fits

We got the davit painted that had been sitting around for a while in the way. It’s good to have that out of the way. We did pull the Legacy out of the tent to get this part into a dust free environment.

Yep it fits