An unexpected rainy day has chased everyone indoors. Of course, there is more to do indoors than out so that’s not really a problem. There’s always polishing to do.


Also details to attend to — such as paint touch ups before launches.

over detailed

We had to drill holes and install the mounting bolts in the new pans for the attachments that hold the compressors in place. We will probably put a coat of epoxy paint on when they are ready.

hole in one

Yesterday there was a hubbub of activity with boat owners due to the sun and warm temperatures – it seems to bring them out.

That's doug

And the DIY guy who is frequently mentioned here was in sanding his boot top for paint. We may spray this for him if we can find the window of opportunity, if not he will roll and tip it.

Do it Austin

I couldn’t help but notice the Cadillac of vacuum cleaners that he uses — the Festool. This is not a shop vac for mere mortals but rather a professional system that exceeds even our needs. At about $600 I could replace my Craftsman model 6-7 times.High end.