The Legacy is being sprayed tomorrow (hopefully). After the primer coat Kevin chased down some rough spots and pin holes. You need an absolutely flat surface to get the perfect paint job.

More prep

After this the boys spent quite a while wet sanding and prepping for the top coat. He will probably start with the boot top but that is subject to change at any time.

the boys

Elsewhere, the routing spring maintenance is on-going — such as Spur maintenance. If you have Spurs you do have to maintain them — but you know that.

Installing silencers

With a bit warmer temperatures we are also preparing more varnish jobs in anticipation for the perfect temperature to apply finish coats. We do sometimes do some build coats but the temperatures still drop down too far during the night to get the finish work done.

Yes, that's you torsten

Although it is not varnish, the owner MAY want to do something about these steps — the rest of the boat is pristine and shipshape.


Here is a pile of freshly cleaned engine room grates — still wet from yesterday!

They're Graaaaaaate!