It looks like we may get above freezing later today (barely). I hate to venture too far from my heater — at least until late March. I do relish my lunch hour where I can go home and be in real heat for an hour.  Most of the crew are out in the big building and not even complaining. They must be younger than me. The deck is all sanded and awaiting a warm enough day to wash it down with some Teak Brite cleaner (no acids, light abrasive cleaning). It should look pretty good after that. You can see in this photo that it is totally flat now.

flat floor

We are adding a remote speaker for a VHF on the Trawler Cat. When I went out there a little while ago (I know – I said I don’t like to venture too far from my desk), they were trying out several locations to mount it. It will be a flush mount so they have to find the right spot with depth behind the surface.


There was a problem with the drainage on the AC units on this boat. Fortunately they have decided to deal with the problem before the units themselves get too far rusted to salvage.

I see rust in there

This is what the inside of the pan looks like. A lot of metal was lost to scale.

Mr. Yuck

We descaled the equipment and gave it a coat of metal primer yesterday and will give it a couple of coats of paint before putting them back. Rust is not a friend to air conditioning equipment!


You do know that these have filters and that those filters need to be cleaned occasionally.


We have a ton of CAT work going on this year. You can see that this engine had a bad seal on the engine dampener. This is a lot easier job than the rear main seal we are doing on another boat. On that one much equipment had to be moved to access.