Another cloudy (wet, damp, dismal – your choice here) day. At least they’re clean clouds (I assume!) We are amazingly close to our launch dates on the early boats but these did not have long work orders. If you come to the marina please be careful where you park during this time of year because the travel lift needs room to move. Park next to the main building and not on the dock side of the drive way please. They got the dinghy davit bedded properly – leaks will not be a worry for many years to come. It is amazing how one job just leads into another, like the wiring problem we discovered on this bedding project yesterday. While repairing the wiring up close and personal, the mechanic spotted another problem – this one with the stainless cable that lifts the dinghy. After unreeling we found the problem was as bad as he surmised. And speaking of snowballing projects we move on to the Beneteau. There were redundant bilge pumps in this well – the second one was mounted higher in case the lower one failed. And as you may guess, they both failed. This is pretty nasty down in this hole. Of course, cleaning this should give someone a real sense of accomplishment! Since we are replacing the pumps, it is a good chance to upgrade the switches and wiring to ABYC code (and do some clean up).