It’s close but not Friday yet.  Pat finally came back after being out all week with John’s Flu. Almost everyone here has been bit by it now. I feel cheated that I only got a half day off for mine!   We had 3 guys on stripping the varnish on the GB47 yesterday. Even with stripper it is slow going to get the teak back to its natural state.


You can see in the foreground the stripper eating away at the varnish. Since each application will only penetrate so far it takes multiple coats to get to the bare teak.


I had to go check out a boat for a bottom painting estimate. It is going to longer to de-barnacle this boat than to paint it! The trim tabs appear as if they were left bare.


You may notice we have gone with a smaller tube on the bow thruster job we started a while back. The upper edge of the tube  was right on the edge of acceptable limits set by the manufacturer.  We decided to go down to the smaller tube. This meant we had to re-glass the old hole.Since the thruster will have a smaller blade, we will be using a more powerful motor to get the same thrust.


evil grin

Out on the Legacy we are getting ready for the primer spray. We will be heating the tent all day and tonight and hopefully will be able to spray tomorrow. The weather getting colder at this time was a deterrent to getting us to where we wanted to be. We did find a few cracked thru-hulls in the boot top which have to be replaced.

No good