Well we did get the snow last night. Not enough to keep anybody home (except Kevin of course, who uses lesser excuses than that to abandon work). It is cold enough for the snow to linger and we are expecting more tomorrow. We may be slight on staff tomorrow. But for now it’s all systems go. As part of the CAT 1,000 hour service, the heat exchangers need to get pulled and cleaned. This is a simple process, just tedious. You need to rod every hole.


In the photo below you can see a bit of clogging. We often find bits of impellers, salt build up and even barnacle-like  growth.


When we are heating a boat to do work, we try to do several jobs at once to take advantage. One of the jobs on this boat was to upgrade the head hoses.

Soon to be odorless

Also the gasket for the vacuflush will be changed since we need to remove it. It’s always good to put a new gasket and I believe the manufacturer recommends annual change on those — although most people don’t do it.


On the survey the blowers were mentioned as being a bit rusty. Do ya’ think?

Replace me

The kids don’t seem to mind working outside so they are removing all the vinyl boot tape and other decals from the Endeavor Trawler Cat.


Where the vinyl is sticking like it should, we had to use a heat gun to soften the adhesive. Nobody minds using a heat gun when the temperatures are in the 20’s!

Near the source