My timing has been thrown off because of starting our work week on a Wednesday but I think we should implement that for the duration — it certainly makes for a short work week!  The temperatures are still low and we came into some ice on the creek this morning.

 Aren't you glad your boat is not in the water

We still had a couple of no-shows today and I called to see if they had found other employment. They should be back tomorrow though. That’s a real short work week. Rumsey and Pat are finishing up a couple of oil changes which essentially just needed the oil put in. They will be moving on to more interesting work soon. Kevin is working on the thruster tube.

The cutter

In the photo above he is using the jig he made which scribes a perfect oblong circle which fits the tube like a glove. The rotating part is actually a drill bit which cuts through the bottom paint and scribes a bit into the gelcoat. The center rod goes through to the other side so it will cut the other side in exactly the same spot.

Mighty Tighty