Despite my threat of temporary 3 day postings, I would be remiss if I didn’t post today since my stats seem to be going up instead of down. I talked to someone yesterday who had just found the blog and admitted he was up til the wee hours of the morning reading about all the postings. But the amount of unique visitors is also going up. That sort of feedback makes me feel I am fulfilling some sort of  purpose as opposed to being a glorified secretary. Enough of tooting my own whistle though. Let’s toot someone else’s. Kevin has done a marvelous job with the repair on the Eastbay 49 and is ready for priming today (maybe). Since he filled in the low spots with glass and used only a thin layer of the right filler to smooth, this should be a flawless repair. In addition to the usual boat hauling we are still concentrating on the Eastbay 38 — our last day with that. One of the tasks was to put on a fresh coat of bottom paint. If the new owner is reading, we use Petit Hydrocoat for this and about 75% of the bottoms we paint. And yes, it is compatible with most other paints should you decide to change to your favorite brand. Another item on our list was to move the GPS antenna which was on the mast head obstructing the mast light. The funny thing is that it was on the spreader when the boat left here last spring, so we moved it back to where we had originally installed it. Not sure who or why that was moved to the head of the mast. The boat is slated to leave today and the trucker is not going to let us forget since he was here this morning when we got in. He may have to wait for a while, but truckers seem to like to nap in their trucks. And you can see, he doesn’t look that anxious to leave. By the way, by coming in sick I passed the flu along to at least one other employee — no one wants to suffer alone:)