I have almost considered limiting posts to Monday, Wednesday and Friday due to lack of content this time of year. Anything else will be hit or miss. Today we have a massive office cleaning, painting and sprucing going on since we have so many new clients coming in. We have also got the new tires for the small lift but still need to replace some bearings while the wheels are off – which is delaying small boat haul outs. Product Spotlight The Barnapole barnacle removal tool is an innovative device used to scrape barnacles, oysters, mussels and other crustaceans from your seawall or dock pilings. The Barnapole easily attaches to any standard threaded pole (paint roller or broom handle). The Barnapole’s curved and flat scraper blades are made of solid stainless steel, and the handle attachment block is made from a solid aluminum extrusion. This combination of stainless steel and aluminum allows the Barnapole to withstand harsh marine environments. If you’ve used a shovel or spade in the past, then you know it will only remove about an inch or so of growth with each pass, and you occasionally gouge the piling. The Barnapole is engineered specifically for pilings and seawalls and can remove up to 9 inches of buildup with each pass, saving you time and money. Also, Barnapole is designed to be used from the top of your dock, so there is no need for you to get in the water. Available at Amazon (of course!)