I detect some SUN out there! It is going to be in the 50’s all through the weekend but we should see a lot of the bright boy now. We are in full haul out mode now since our winter season officially begins today — November 1st. We also have a crew doing winterizing. Below is a sight we will see many times in the coming weeks — barrels of anti-freeze being delivered. Here is the Grand Banks 32 coming in for it’s haul out. This boat is for sale and to be frank, I’m surprised it didn’t sell immediately. We can throw this back in the water if you want to sea trial it though. John had promised some photos from Oxford and I can only assume this one lonely photo I found on his camera was from Oxford. I hate to be a hurricane harpy but like kosher hot dogs, I have to answer to a higher authority.  This video shows part of the damage from the storm. I can’t begin to fathom the miserable conditions that have occurred to all the good folks up north who are living in the aftermath of this devastation.  I did talk to one of our customers who is in New Jersey now living in primitive conditions after the storm. I did try to find some relief programs to make donations to but maybe it is a bit early. We can provide repairs to boats damaged during the storm.  We can have them trucked here to the marina and are able to do any sort of reconstruction work needed to get you back in the water by spring.