Today is a Limited Attendance Day, evidently. We seem to be short a few employees which delays a couple of projects we had planned. Maybe they are taking advantage of the spring-like weather. In any case they are probably having more fun than I am! One of the primary areas of focus is getting the Albin 28 ready for brokerage. Although the hull looked excellent and the superstructure looked a lot better, there is the cockpit to deal with. We can bring back the gelcoat fairly well but the non-skid looks a bit worn – not so bad in the photos but in person it pales in comparison to the rest of the boat. Carlos spent most of the day on the superstructure. I had shown the color difference now that it is polished but there was a lot of area to do. He got the bilges as clean as possible and they are ready for a little paint – at least where you can look down inside. Nothing says “this boat has been maintained” like nice clean bilges. The other focus was on getting the mast painted for the Grand Banks. We were able to get this done in 2 days – one to prep and prime and one to paint. The paint work came out beautiful and helps distract from the “busyness” of this mast. Pat planned all the mast installations but was a no-show early today and the mast has got to go on the boat by the end of the day so we have 2 other guys figuring out what the plan was. Fortunately he showed up late due to a doctor’s appointment.