Yesterday the sun came out after lunch and it got quite beautiful and today should be more of the same.  People are actually calling to discuss their boats now that the boating season is in the immediate future. Since window replacement seems to be the theme this year, I will be doing a full story in the Tips section of our website (maybe not today though). Last year it seemed like the primary focus was on Caterpillar work. Maybe we got all the boats in tip top shape then but in any case a very small percentage of our winter work has been engine related.  There has been a bit more electrical work this season – especially inverter related. Good thing Willy went off to the ABYC course! Speaking of windows, I have pictures again today (duh!) The main cabin windows are a piece of cake compared to the smaller fore and aft cabin windows where the installer has to lay down to work. Before the track is reinstalled the area needs to be cleaned of all bedding and we do like to paint so everything is fresh! It is particularly important to make sure the drains are adequately coated. I actually went almost down into the boat to get pictures of where the mufflers had been removed. Now that these areas are empty it would be wrong not to paint everything white with a good quality paint. This makes the difference between a professional and an amateur job. I see someone had painted up to where the mufflers where and I can understand why they stopped there if they didn’t need to remove the muffler – it’s quite a job. Not sure why they only painted a few inches up on the bulkhead though.