It was a foggy one this morning. There was so much moisture in the air we had to abandon polishing until the sun (hopefully) burns it off. Fortunately there is much other work to do. We did take an offer on our Newman 32 yesterday and some work will need to be done on it when things slow down a bit (wonder when that will be?).  That made it a banner day. The J29 is all done except for one more sanding and top coat. We got the repair all smooth and sealed yesterday. We need to convince the owner to do the bottom on the boat since it obviously has not been done for a while. It seems like we are spending a lot of time on this but it only amounts to less than a 1/2 hour a day to do some sanding and coating – it’s a process. On the 32 tank job we did a bit of rearranging while reassembling everything. The generator, which was almost new, was mounted on top the stringers and covered the stuffing box which made it impossible to service the stuffing box without removing the generator. It was a fairly easy task to spin the generator 90 degrees (and everything is still easily serviced). There was also a oil soaked piece of plywood down there – and I do mean SOAKED. I tried to find it to take a photo but it is probably where it belongs – in the dumpster. We used Interlux Epoxy primer for the replacement board and had a bit left over which we just applied to a sheet of plywood which is slated for another set of battery boxes on a GB42 in a couple of days. The owner of this Blackwater debated removing all the paint from his bottom like the 2 boats we did recently but after much discussion we decided to do some scraping and hard sanding where required and should end up with a fairly nice bottom for a lot less money. We will need to use some good primer where we get down to the gelcoat. We almost have the cracked gelcoat removed on the Legacy. This has been a on and off project so once again, it seems like it is taking longer than it actually is. We have to spread the labor around to get everything done (close) to on time.

Out and About – It is always good to see customers out working on their boats and I like to rib them a bit, critique and offer unsolicited advise but I can’t help but wondering “why aren’t they at work like me?”

Coke-less – The Coca Cola machine was removed from the property yesterday due to low income on the machine – which was in fact a direct result of the machine cheating people.  We haven’t decided whether we should pursue another vendor to provide refreshment options. Personally,  I haven’t drank a soda for years – maybe we could get a beer machine 🙂