The rain has moved out and it is nice and warm today. We have a lot we want to get done before the end of the week since new work is starting to come in. And if we get more boat sales they almost always need work before or after acceptance and this is the time of year when they should pick up since everyone will want a boat for spring. Last time I’m going to show this (#1) – the covering trim on the helmseat water damage is now complete except for final sanding. It looks nice now and after it is varnished it should just disappear and I’m not sure anyone would ever notice it at all.

Last time I’m going to show this (#2) – The spreader lights are now on the mast. I may have be premature saying I won’t show this again because I am eager to see them lit up – but a night shot is pretty much out of the question – you usually won’t find me here after the sun goes down. Maybe the owner will take a shot when he picks the boat up.

On the name removal – the fiberglass-safe paint remover did the trick. The paint had softened enough by this morning to remove the letters. You could use regular Kwik-Strip if you work fast but I generally keep that hidden since you can’t always control the applicators.

As you can see there is still a lot of coloration in the gelcoat. Also someone had done some rough sanding on the gel to get the paint to stick. This means the whole stern will need to be wet sanded to a fine grit before the vinyl letters are applied. No problem.

Here is a nice shot of some monkey polishing yesterday morning. Looks a bit dangerous to an old man like me though.

Still waiting for some boat owner projects to post here. Drop a mail and photo to and let others see what you have done different for your boat. It doesn’t have to be something you have actually done yourself but just something unusual that other might find interesting. One idea leads to another.