We are almost in the countdown to holiday mode. Not sure what day we are closing or for how long but I know I won’t be here next Friday -regardless. I usually take Christmas Eve off and since it falls on Saturday I will be taking Friday instead. I would like to be off for at least 2 weeks and we have been closed as long as 3. We’ll See. Not much to offer today. The trailer went south again – this time the opposite side from the one they fixed the other day. It only stands to reason that both sides are wearing at the same pace and when one dies the other shouldn’t be to far behind. Why you need it: Marine Instrument Display+WiFi MID+WiFi can display position, speed and heading from your devices GPS, internal compass and locational services and many other variables if your onboard instruments are connected to WiFi. MID+WiFi in WiFi mode can receive additonal NMEA0183 data over your ships WiFi network. Using TCP/IP the data can be wirelessly sent to your device from an on board computer or WiFi multiplexer. Visit for more information