The crappy weather continues putting a damper on haul outs for the morning. At this point the docks will be cramped come Monday morning if we don’t get serious! I was stuck in the office all day yesterday and all morning today and have hardly anything new to offer. We did need to replace the opposite Duramax shaft seal on the boat that we did one on a few weeks ago. We ran into a problem getting the shaft out of the coupling – which is necessary to put the new parts in. This one is the hardest we have ever tackled and even with our shaft puller, hydraulics and heat, it has yet to budge.

I wanted to divulge a bit of my winter plan. In concept it will be called Deal 111. How it works is that once a week on a random day I will be offering 1 special that is only good for 1 customer – the one who contacts us first. 1 deal, 1 day, 1 customer.  This is only for customers who have boats in storage so if your boat is here, you will need to check every morning to take advantage of the 1 deal available. It could be bilge painting, hose replacement or any of numerous maintenance type tasks. Hope it works!