First I wanted to share a nice email we got from the chap who bought the Island Packet 27 from us in the spring: Hi John Hopefully you are back to being normal.  We had a good season and I made some progress on the teak and other things.  We hope you have a great fall. Regards Almost the whole day yesterday was devoted to boat moving and hauling. On this boat, we treated the props last year with Pettit zinc spray. As you can see they fared a lot better than the shafts did! This guy ran into some rocks perhaps (not around here!). Fortunately there is a lot of beef at the stem of a Grand Banks so it shouldn’t be a bad repair. I wonder it this guy had a sudden stop? This boat also had the same paint on the bottom as it did on the trim tabs with totally different results. I will share this one with the paint rep to see if there is something different we should be doing. We did pull the injectors off a CAT that was running a bit rough and found that most of them were shot. If your engine is not running a smooth as it should and you haven’t done any injector servicing for a while it would behoove you to pull the injectors and have them tested.