Man, the wind is starting to howl outside. We have great tides this morning but too much wind to do boat moving. We only have 2 boats we would like to haul today but unfortunately they are small boats so they will either wait until the afternoon or tomorrow. The deck job was the prevalent focus yesterday. Although we have discussed this in the past it is definitely worth repeating since most of you with teak decks will be faced with this type of repair eventually. To contain the caulking to the grooves we generally tape up to the grooves, plus it makes it easier to see where you are going to be filling. After the rubber sets up you can pull the tape. If you have done it right, it will be higher than the teak – you don’t want it to be lower because water will sit in the grooves. Then you can start flattening them. Sometimes you can get away with just cutting the excess off but most likely you will want to sand them like we do. Willy Says Willy did a report on an oil analysis on a transmission. I will be putting this in the service section of the main website but you can read it here :  Oil Sample Issues. Don’t forget to ask us to change your transmission fluids as part of your annual maintenance! I found a good write up on oil sampling at Bob The Oil Guy’s website. If your boat is not here (shame on you) I found a site to use to get “same day” oil samples done.