The GB42 should be wrapped up for round one on Monday. We have other work in the queue waiting to get done so we really need to get this boat gone for a while. It will be back to get some more work done before leaving for Florida in late October. It’s all down to details at this point. We have most everybody on it today.

The engine room vents are ready to be primed and painted. They were flaking pretty bad and it would have been a crime to put them on against the nice new paint on the cabin sides.

We needed to replace the gasket on the front window so we needed to clean up the surface. Cleaning also means adding a coat of fresh paint to make the surface as smooth as possible to hold the new gasket securely.

We are replacing the old decrepit teak trim around the flybridge with white king starboard trim – no maintenance and you gotta love that!

The other project going on simultaneously but of no less importance is getting John’s Shields ready for the Nationals. Every year we do a bit more to get the boat cosmetically better.