Feels like fall out again, but it is sunny and supposed to be in the upper 60’s today.  If we didn’t run into new problems everyday, it just would not be interesting. And problems only show up when a boat is close to being picked up. But I digress, I can show some of the things that went on yesterday instead. Most of the varnish is done on the Europa so we started the hand rail installation last night and are finishing them up now. There will be a final coat put on late this afternoon, but it is a good idea to have the rails on before this last coat. Whenever we are commissioning a boat we try to take a good look at the hoses. We often find some like those below.         We also noted this delamination on the same boat. It may not be too late to inject this with some epoxy – it depends on how far back the delamination goes. If it is put off it will definitely be too late and the part will need to be replaced. On this boat, there was storage space available beneath the berth but it was a bit heavy. We added a set of gas lifts and while it is still a bit heavy, one person can lift it with fairly minimal effort. Every year when the first sign of spring comes, the local artists hit the yard. Since Tuesday was such a nice day we had 4 out in the yard. They seem to like boats – and they prefer the older boats as subjects rather than the yachts!