When we came in there was snow a-flyin’. It seemed to be temporary though and now it is just dark out. 01167 Engine service is on the mechanics’ plates today. There are several boats on the list for today. 01166Yesterday was dozer day. We had one clutch slipping that began right at the end of boat storage season when we couldn’t have the equipment out of commission so we just dealt with it. It took most of the day to get to a $2 bolt that had broken way down inside the machine. 01165 In the back building it was quite temperate so we did some more polishing. This boat needs some more maintenance done topsides so I assume he we be de-plasticing the boat as he goes. 01161 Carlos was not the only one working under plastic. They were working on engine room door struts on an Eastbay 49. It was apparent they were not mounted correctly at first glance. 01162 You can see where the original attachment point was in the photo below and where they actually belong with the strut plate installed. 01163 The photo below shows the trial and error method of moving this strut that someone had done. What we found out when we got it installed in the right place is that the struts were shot (or previously replaced with the wrong size). We will be putting the right ones on to keep the door open at full opening position. 01164Today they are doing struts on a Sabreliner. These things do wear out over time as the gas leaks out in minute amounts every time they are used and eventually there is not enough gas to maintain the pressure.  I Get A Lot Of Mail 01168I’ve seen some stupid stuff but this is one of the dumbest ideas I have ever seen. A secret key holder cleverly disguised as an Iphone, because no one would steal your phone!