hollyAlmost the end of the year for working. I understand we may be closed for two weeks beginning tomorrow afternoon and back the first Monday after the New Years. That’s a splendid holiday season!  Looks like shop-time for Alan. The temperatures keep climbing and now it is supposed to be in the uppers 60’s by Sunday. There is still a bit of ice skim in the creek which will probably be gone by late afternoon due to the great sunshine we are getting today. Not a trace of the white stuff out there now. 12191 This may be the last boat we are hauling and he used it right up until the 11th hour.  We have been known to have a couple of guys come in to do some last minute haul outs during the holiday however. 12192 We exhausted our primary supplier’s antifreeze this season and have had to resort to getting cases from an alternative source. You can see a few cases sitting there to finish the boat in the slip since we ran out last night. We prefer to do the engines while the boat is in the slip as you may well guess. 12196 Izzy is still doing build coats on the transom of the Grand Banks out in the big building. It would not be warm enough for finish coats but with the transom facing the sun the build coats seem to dry in an acceptable time to be dry before the night temperatures set it. 12194 With 2 large Awlgrip jobs looming we are moving the paint tent to another building were we can get more height. The tent is fairly easy to move with the bulk of the framing just being aluminum beams and easily extended if the situation arises — such as now.  One of these jobs is a Viking 55 and the other an Eastbay 49 so we’ll have plenty of “fodder” for the blog. 12195