11210Some years it would be Thanksgiving today and I would be off. I somehow feel cheated but now I still have something to look forward to.  The action seems to be over in Oxford again today and no I can’t tell you what the schedule is — sorry!  The number to the office over there is 410-226-5454.  It looks like a chilly weekend with a predicted high of 35 on Sunday. Now that’s jolly good fun! We hauled a boat yesterday who wins the barnacle award thus far this season. I had talked about problems with barnacles on trim tabs and this photo says it all without any more words. Now that’s a barnacle party going on! 11213 You can also notice in the above photo how much zinc was eaten since last season. The same is true on the rudder zinc below. I would check the dock for stray current where he keeps his boat. 11215 The part to be most concerned about on this boat however is the thru hull strainers. I image he was getting about a 63.52% reduction of water flow through his intakes. This is not a good situation for anything that relies on the water for cooling. 11214 Looks like he could try out my new Tie Coat system for next year. But we did have one project going on over here in Deadwood that wasn’t winter-related. Do you know what this might be? 11211 It is a protective cover for electrical terminal connections. This should satisfy the rules of ABYC code and makes a mighty fine looking installation. This one is going to be used on a refrigeration/freezer installation. The top part is Lexan and still has the paper on it right now but when removed you get a good visual on the install. This one seems to be a bit over-sized– room to grow? 11212