It’s lonely at the bottom — it appears every has gone/is going to Oxford. We got caught up on most of the haul outs – just a few sailboats left here but there is no water in the marina this morning so maybe they are coming back later to do those? I did get a chip with some pictures from over there but none with work being done. There are some of work that needs to be done and some remnants of work in progress. We were looking at a boat that is coming in for the winter and found a couple of oil leaks on the CAT engines. If you have an oil leak it will only get worse so it is best to nip that sort of problem in the bud. 11145 We did also notice on this boat that the generator needed some attention. I’m not sure if the water pump is leaking now but it sure has been at some point during the lifespan of the boat. If you have a leaking pump inside a metal case, it will rust — as you can see. 11143 I do know they are doing some work to the lights in the overhead on the Burger, that’s about all I do know on that boat but there is probably a lot I don’t know. 11144 I found a photo of Tom on the chip. He is not always as grumpy as he looks here — I think it is proximity-related. 11142 Off Topic 11141I love words. I have daily emails from and Merriam Webster with the word of the day. Today’s word from MW seemed appropriate since some people here seems to think it would describe me!
adjective lacking intelligence : stupid Her new assistant quickly proved himself to be completely gormless, forgetting to do half of the tasks she assigned to him and making a mess of the others.