It is a balmy 72 degrees right now and will be up to 85 later. That’s summer time weather! It is supposed to drop down to normal temperatures for the rest of the week but for now we can revel in summer. Friday was a bit hectic and we were launching boats up to 6 PM. Most still needed something done after they hit the water so some of the crew was here until about 8 or so. Not that anyone was happy about it, but during the season it is expected to put in longer hours – especially on a Frantic Friday. One of the last we did was an Albin 28 with an owner who does all his own work. He was excited to be using the boat early until he launched it and found a broken exhaust elbow. We found no real problems on our boats except finding the time to get everything.  We were checking fuel filters and found several that needed some real serious cleaning. We noticed that there is a slight variation on the color on the Shield where we did the patch. The problem is that the color we used is a custom color and there is no guarantee on paint matching for custom mixed colors. I think when move it out into the sun it will not be noticeable at but we are trying to decide if there is a need to respray. We got the deck work on the EB38 but all the sanding knocked out a few more plugs in addition to the ones that were already missing. This morning he is replacing over 90 plugs. I don’t think I need to mention why this is important. Go out and enjoy the weather!