Reluctant Tuesday

After such a beautiful weekend we all came back today under duress. I say beautiful, but I guess I really mean HOT. It felt more like a 4th of July weekend than a Memorial Day weekend.  On the plus side, the pool is warming up and almost on the cusp of being just beyond refreshing!  It didn’t deter the multitude of guests we had for the whole weekend. Some people here seem to be getting off to a sluggish start this morning despite the multitude of jobs to finish – I guess they had a good weekend too. In preparation for the barrier coat, we are doing a final sanding on this Eastbay to ensure the bottom is “baby-bottom smooth.”  This boat will be heading out to the Great Lakes where the fresh water will keep it in good condition. In the next building over, there are multiple jobs on a Joel White 40 which the owner is chomping at the bit to get finished. One is the boot top stripe repair which we have been working on. Since clear coat has been sprayed over the white and we have no access to the records, it is hard to get an exact match on the color. This looks mighty close though. At the same time varnish work is going on.  There does need to be some coordination to ensure dust from one job does not contaminate the other. On the bulkhead repair, the first piece is fit tightly into the bad section we cut out. We will be putting this piece on overlapping the joint and creating a very strong joint. The whole thing will then be glassed over. Friday was such a whirlwind of activity that we couldn’t document most things that went on. I do have a few photos that were hiding on my camera. The first being the lower unit being reinstalled on the water pump replacement job. The last boat we launched on Friday had about 1/2 of the zinc left in the diver plate zincs. We just happened to have some old ones that had over half of the zincs on them and since the studs were very long on this boat, we just installed them on top of the existing ones. That should definitely get through at least one season. John is over in Europe this week, although not on vacation. The boat we shipped out has made port and John was on hand to supervise the off-load and to do some commissioning before handing off to the owner.