Raindays and Mondays

Welcome Home Mr. Bates mr bates I didn’t feel like going out in the rain to look for photos so here is what is being worked on in this building. The repair work is being ground down to do some glass work this morning. We didn’t want to haul the boat out of the tent to do the small amount of grinding. We also didn’t want to get the fiberglass dust in the paint tent so we added some hose to our dust extraction system and fed it in and held it in close proximity to the repair. Quick work Here is another view. You can see that all the ragged fibers are gone now which will allow the new glass to lay on smoothly. Unragged And as long as the grinder and vacuum hose was close at hand he went ahead and took care of the deepest of the hull damage. Some will be done with less aggressive media. Look at the hose work. Rumsey must only have one hand in his pocket today. Look at the snake