If you’re looking for high-brow entertainment you may be in the wrong place today! It is definitely the doldrums of summer now with everyone taking vacations. I haven’t started the countdown for mine but you know it is inevitable.  But this blog is about the “meat” of what goes on in a boat yard and ours is just like all the others. When people are using their boats, it is hard to sell work that is going to tie them up. That being said, let’s move along. On the last GB window job we did there was some old caulking. I’m not sure why they didn’t deal with it before they painted the windows but I had them deal with it yesterday. As you can see, there is a void between the fiberglass and the window frame that had caulk in it.

My solution was to put caulking in a West System syringe and lay a “micro-bead” in there. It looks pretty good now.

We also noted that the last time these windows had been caulked, there must have been a massive bead used. You can see the remnants of it here. I gave Angus a plastic razor blade to avoid damaging the fiberglass.

Out on the docks, the Bristol trawler is preparing to leave and we are just wrapping up a few items. One is to add a fuel treatment kit to each tank. This kit consists of multiple products that each do a different function to the tanks and essentially polish and treat the fuel. Since the boat had been sitting for a while before the current owner got it, it was a good idea to clean up the fuel.

We are also adding a shut-off switch to the inverter which will positively remove the inverter from the system. Inverters often drain down batteries and it is good to be able to isolate them. We are just installing a heavy-duty battery switch to take it off-line.

Sale, Sale, Sale

See, the first paragraph was leading somewhere! We are offering a summer sale until Sept. 20th on Air Conditioning, Ice-makers, Refrigeration and Bow Thrusters. There is a 15-25% discount on parts during that time. Give us a call if your crew (or your beer) are too hot. It is also a good time to prepare for that long Fall Cruise.