The countdown is almost at launch for the longish weekend. We evidently have a few employees stretching it out even longer. We did get the wheel wells painted on the lift. John also has a local metal guy cleaning up the axles and mating to the bearings.  Theoretically by Monday we can get the lift rolling again and get all the boats over there pulled within a day or two. Some are chomping at the bit because the creek may freeze up in this 50 degree weather? Holiday Thangs Thanksgiving is about the Food — pure and simple. My job has always been cooking the turkey and for years I have always brined my bird. Everyone raves about how moist it is. It is easy to do and you don’t have to get a Butterball to get a good meal. If you’ve never visited the Pioneer Woman Cooks, you can see her instructions on brining. Her site is always a good read if you like to cook or just eat.  Also if you are looking for some side dishes to go with that turkey, visit the Food Gawker site.   Just For The Holiday httpv://