We are down quite a few people today. Pat is over in Oxford on an autopilot job, 2 people out on vacation and two pretty much MIA today. I can assume they are helping John who is preparing for the Annapolis to Oxford Race on Friday — this is only a suspicion as no one mentioned it to me. I only put the pieces together to figure out he was in the race. Ain’t good communication a wonderful thang. I was late posting today because I actually had to go out and help our friend Wayne rough cut the lexan for the new windscreens on the GB42. A 4×8 sheet of “bendy” material is almost impossible to cut by yourself if your shop is not set up with the right equipment for that. We got him to do these because he has done so many, he can fly through it instead of learning through error. The other guys are out wet-sanding the high build primer we put on the Navy 44. Hopefully they will get the primer coat on today – which means another round of wet-sanding. Sorry Angus!