Post Weekend

Back, on a holiday? I understand at least a couple of the boatyards in Oxford are closed today and I guess John is taking off for President’s Day ’cause he’s not here. But how could I miss all this fun?  (hint, I wouldn’t actually miss it) Friday was primer day so here is the Legacy awaiting a light sanding in anticipation of top coat. Kevin is down in Florida this week (I guess he’s not missing work either) so it won’t get painted until next week. With any luck there will be more paint-friendly temperatures by then. It was touch and go on the primer.


And here is a shot from the transom.

Ass End

Out on the Eastbay 43 we are installing some new instruments. We notice a bit of 3rd world technology on the last install. There was a small gap between 2 panels. They colored in the white with a magic marker (and not that well) and on the right you could look right down inside the helm.

Not us

There was a leak evident at one of the portlights. When we pull the trim ring we could see that it was indeed a leak area.

Duct tape?

There was also a spotlight problem with this boat. I’m not sure if you can see it in this photo but there is a fair amount of corrosion on the circuit board inside the base. On a cheaper light like this it not worth the labor to mess around with this — we’ll just replace it instead. If it were an expensive light we may have been able to get a new board from the manufacturer.

Going Green

We are also upgrading the mufflers on this boat. Afterwards we are going to do a bit more insulating around the engine room hatch to try to give the customer a quiet ride.

that the generator muffler

I neglected to mention Valentine’s Day last Thursday. I turned my sweet heart a bowl (of course) will with delectable dark chocolate Hershey’s Kisses. I was also experimenting with wood dyes — which turned out quite nice. This weekend I was making spinning tops.  This is some great stress relief — and Lord knows I need it!

Ain't that sweet!