Post Weekend

The whole crew is here today except for John who is off to Washington with a customer to experience some inaugural activities. This will be the warm day this week — a balmy 39 degrees right now. Starting tomorrow it will be in the 20’s for a few days. I can almost hear the whining now (not me, right!)  Several guys are over winterizing the marina bathrooms this morning since the extended cold could do some damage. Friday I stayed long enough to let our sign guy (Jeff Morton) come in to do the transom on the Eastbay 49. As usual, he did a splendid job!

Hi Jeff

Kevin started right in on the Legacy (which I inadvertently said was from New Jersey — it’s from New York, I did know that).  In order to get the tape line right he is scraping some of the bottom paint off along the water line. The owner would also like to get the bottom paint removed (and not a day too soon). We have another boat waiting for the soda blaster to get freed up and we will probably try to have them done at the same time.

Smooth move

Notice how the boot stripe dips down at the bow. We are going to straighten this up and get the bottom of the stripe out of the water. We had to scrape barnacles off the blue so it obviously needs this adjustment.

Flare downs

warning, warning Will RogersIn a survey on the GB47 out in the shop, one of the items was the Shore Power warning label which was so faded you couldn’t read it. This has cropped up before and I had spent hours trying to find them on the web since none of my suppliers sell these. I guess I got lucky this time and found them at the Bernard website but they didn’t seem to be available to purchase on line like their popular placards. I had one of my suppliers special order them for me but with shipping, special handling   and other fees, they were not as cheap as I thought they would be. But I do have a small stack available for sale so contact me if you are interested.