Post Weekend

I didn’t have much to post today so I did a new article for the Tips section of our website instead. This one about Grand Banks windows – which are an often talked about subject in one of the Grand Banks discussion boards. I don’t usually go since the board was strong-armed away from me after I developed and ran it for years — but that would fall under the category of bitchin’ and I usually wait until later in the week for that. We didn’t see any contracts from the show but, as usual, they should come in the week afterwards when the potentials have had time to go home and think about it. We still have our fingers crossed. And if you called on Friday and didn’t get anybody on the phone, no, I wasn’t off. I was sent down to St. Michaels to crash the CBGBO rendezvous only to find no one there. Boy is it expensive to drink in the bar at the Harbor Inn!