On the downside

Another rainy day here in Trappe – with some thunder storms coming in later this afternoon. This would be called a rain delay in the sports world but boat owners don’t understand that. All the outside work we had planned for today has been put on hold and there may be at least two boats late as a consequence. I did have a nice call yesterday from a guy in Texas who is buying a boat in Florida and is willing to bring it all the way up here to Maryland to get us to do deck work. Ah, the power of internet marketing and promotional campaign run by The Marketing Heaven! Plus we do good work and aren’t  too proud to toot our own horn. But on to the mundane. Launch day went smoothly yesterday and all the boats we had planned on launching are now wet – in more than one way. I showed a cracked rail on a varnish job that Angus was working on. I went out to check the repair and found it to be flawless. The varnish should be done on this boat soon so we can do the polishing. Some jobs just can’t be worked on simultaneously. One of our friends manages a fleet of MJM’s and wanted us to refinish a drawer front inside the boat. Evidently they use Awlgrip clear coat instead of varnish for the teak. He tried brushing which didn’t work out so well. There were a lot of dimples in it. He asked us to brush it for us and we also got the same dimpling. I’m not sure if it was some sort of contaminate in the product or the technique. But we decided to try spraying it instead. Two coats of spray seemed to have done the trick. It is a bit too shiny for my tastes – I prefer a satin finish inside a boat. The name boards were getting sealed yesterday. They need to get some build coats before heading off to the sign guy. And it was a good day for flaking on sails. I used to like to do this but we don’t do many sailboats here any more.