Ol' 55

I titled this posting Ol’ 55 since it is a binary day (110111) – do the math! Sorry about missing the post yesterday, things happen. I do have stuff today though. The tanks that we did the inspection on have passed our inspection and found to be “sea-worthy”. We have now removed all surface rust, cleaned and are applying the epoxy primer right now. I can testify that it is nasty stuff to breath in the confines of the engine room! We have the tank “military green” in stock. We had it computer matched last year for doing touch ups that blend on GB tanks. We are dealing with a leaking window on a Sabreliner this morning. This was a new window but starting leaking a few months after being installed. It is a bit different than GB windows (well totally). The leak on the side of the window stopped after adding an extra screw in. This works fine since the frames all have teak covers that hide the screws. We also need to deal with a bit of leaking at the top which is being worked on now. The best way to detect and locate leaks is the brute force of a water hose. You can isolate the stream to the location you want to test. We used the same method on a leaking davit crane on the same boat. The bedding at the deck is not leaking. We found this out by taping off the swivel ring and shooting. No leaks unless you remove that barrier. Water then goes in through the ring. This will require a new part from the manufacturer to repair. We have plenty of boats sitting at the dock in the winterizing queue. Here you see Pat waiting for the pink to come though. While I was on this boat I noticed a couple of items that one does not normally see on a GB. One was this extra step at the boarding gate. This boat also had a nice little cabin heater (I assume in lieu of a reverse cycle air conditioner?)