Oh Baby, It's Cold Outside

It was so nice coming in to 11 degrees instead of the 8 we had yesterday — well maybe not that nice. It is supposed to be 40 tomorrow so I can get my shop up to about 65 — tee shirt weather! We have begun on multiple jobs at this point and when it gets warmer I’ll leave the office more often for photos. In fact, if I didn’t need to smoke there would be very few photos now 😉 We are putting in a Vacuflush in an Albin 28 and a bigger holding tank. The first step was to get the batteries out to access that area. Just as an aside, I ordered the tank from Trionic who are very nice people to deal with and we have often used their holding tank vents. I did ask for a nickle discount for mentioning them here but they didn’t take me seriously. 01251 This boat was getting some flexing in the stringers when the rudder was turned hard over. We are putting some knees in to stiffen it up. I will try to get some photos of that (if I need a smoke while it is happening). 01255 It is prop and shaft season for Carlos. This and bottom prep is something that can be done in any weather. We won’t coat the props until the temperatures improve (they will, won’t they?) 01256 And speaking of bottom prep, I have seen the situation before — last year in fact. You can see the Petitt Tie Coat and bare fiberglass — neither of which you should see at all. The fiberglass part was someone did not scape all the loose paint off before installing the primer so the paint eventually released. The bare primer could be for several reasons. The temperature could have been too cold for it to adhere properly, too much time passed to get a chemical bond without sanding or too little paint was put on. If you use this product, at least scuff it up before putting on the top coat. And put plenty of paint on, especially if you are using ablative paint. 01252 We are putting new plastic on the tent since what is on there has almost reached the end of its lifespan. We are also getting new panels for the inside since we are lengthening the building. 01253 This dozer was put inside during the snow storm and as you can see, there is still plenty of snow on it — and no trace of melted water below. I think we would need to put beer in the refrigerator to keep it from freezing! 01254 New To You Our friend Zander (Guildive Cruises) was in with accolades for the site ActiveCaptain.com. This site evidently is great for planning cruises, finding marinas, always up to date navigational information, etc. Go check it out. 01257 Deep Freeze httpv://youtu.be/YohsEI1PTSc