Monday (Snow Day)

It was snowing this morning – I should go home so I don’t risk the chance of being snowed in! It is cold and damp out there though so I am spending the morning reconciling checking accounts which keeps me next to the heater.  We are interviewing a new varnish guy this morning. It will be nice to have someone on staff again instead of relying on sub-contractors. If you haven’t ordered varnish yet give us a call or drop me an email. And guess who’s back – It’s Willy! He has finally run out of comp time and had to return to work like us working stiffs. Last time I’m showing this (#3). Here is the completed battery box which holds the floor scrubber batteries. The cable access will be cut after determining the exact placement in the boat to keep cable runs optimal. Kevin is painting the few small parts that were missed on the davit job. We did find that the ends of the gas springs were broken inside, because they’re PLASTIC. That’s a lot of weight on plastic fittings so we will be putting stainless fittings on it. It only costs about $3 extra on each fitting to put something on that will never fail. It’s a no-brainer. And I don’t need to chastise you all on proper deck maintenance (again). This customer was very agreeable after we explained the ramifications of leaving all that rubber sticking up from the seams. The sanding on the 46 bottom is complete and the sanding dust was washed off. Water is crucial to a job like this because it helps drive out any uncured chemicals that are released during sanding. Of course, we wouldn’t expect much on a boat this old!