Monday (late posting)

Sorry about posting so late. I gave my camera out early today and it just came back with one photo of consequence. This was on a Xantrex inverter recall notice one of our customers got. The company is paying all the labor and shipping for taking care of the repair. You can find a list of the affected serial numbers here. This week is a window of opportunity to get a leg up on polishing and that was high on our priority list today. I’m hoping the warmer weather holds but this time of year you just can’t count on that. Also Willy came back from extended winter vacation today but has disappeared early in the day! Can’t really say where he is right now. I am trying to find a wordpress plug in for signing up for posting notification. If I am going to be posting at erratic intervals it would be nice to automatically notify anyone who signs up that that day’s post is available. I did install one today but for some reason it would not accept sign ups so I had to take it down. Will keep working on that.