01065Everyone made it back today. Warmish today – only wet. We did have snow on Friday and many places locally were closed – as were we since most of us planned on being off any way. A couple of guys came in a few of the nicer days during the holiday shut down to start prepping the EB49 for the Awlgrip job. Tomorrow there is a projected high of only 11 degrees so we probably won’t be here again. We are on 4 day work week for the winter but the off day can vary depending on the weather. We did start out the day hauling John’s boat this morning. I’m sure he won’t be needing it anytime soon! 01063 We tracked down a vibration problem on a boat this morning. This was an easy problem to track. We found a major installation problem on a Drive Saver. If you know anything about drive savers, you know they need to be mounted flat to the couplings for it to work. 01061You probably can’t notice the problem in the photo above, but someone in their infinite wisdom decided to install nice thick flat washers. This defeats the ability of the saver to do it’s work. It needs to fit flat and the recess is meant to accept the mating part on the coupling. Since it was not mounted properly, it now has waves in the plastic and needs to be replaced. 01062 I had mentioned the painters coming in during the holiday. The boat is almost ready for priming now, which will really not be able to be done tomorrow for obvious reasons, but we will hit it the first day we have decent temperatures. John shot the following video for your entertainment (and education). How I Spent My Winter Vacation 01067It was so nice having a real staycation for 2 weeks. As you may guess, I spent almost all day every day (except Christmas Day) out in the shop. Lots of projects, lots of beer and lots of skill building. I was looking around yesterday and couldn’t figure out what I had done for the two weeks until it occurred to me that I gave it all away for presents. There were just a few skill building pieces left to show for all the time I spent. I hated to give any of it away, but you can only store so much. The vessel to the left was such a hit, the girl wants to find me an upscale store to sell them in. This is a piece of Sapelle dyed with with a bit of black and red. The base is cherry and the spindle is cherry dyed black.