Monday (BOW)

I start the official count down to my summer vacation – 12 days away. I can see me working 5 days before vacation but 9 seems to be stretching it! The guys got back from CT after midnight on Friday and half of them are at work today — but moving slowly (understandably). Carlos got the first layer of insulation under the engine hatch before he left for his vacation. We are doing 2 layers because we had 1″ in stock and did not have 2″. It will be a little heavier (and a lot quieter) but we have working lifts now so it should not be a problem. 08123 We got the new CAT pump in on Friday. The parts — such as the pulley and elbow, have to be transferred over to the new pump as it does not come with these parts. And of course, we will prime and paint it all. We do see a lot of unpainted pumps on engines but we just don’t do that! 08122 We are also prepping the Albin 28 for the survey items that were needed to get the boat sold. There was a bunch of mildew in the lockers as often happens with boats that sit unused for a long time. I’m not sure how Izzy got up there, I couldn’t. 08124 He did take photos for me while he was up there. This is as clean as he could get it so we just went ahead and put a coat of Interlux BilgeKote in there — it looked like new afterwards. I know, that’s not a Pettit product but I can’t get their bilge paint in white. 08125 I spent my weekend on the new lathe and couldn’t be happier. I do have one Osage Orange bowl that I had to put aside for a while. It was some heavy, dense wood (as I found out when it left the lathe at about 2000 rpm — belt like a bowling ball when it hit my arm). In addition to being so dense it was a junction of 3 branches and will be awesome if I ever get it finished. I wanted to move on to something more doable so I turned out this bowl from a piece of “road wood” my wife brought home. I also did some small projects I neglected to get photos of. 08121