We actually came in with some snow out there. It is hard to see in the photo but it was coming down pretty good for a while with very little ground coverage. I was hoping for a snow day as a perfect way to extend the weekend. I am taking off this coming Friday for a long weekend anniversary get-away with my wife.

No Snow Day

I had more varnish photos but am not going to post those. The boys have lots of varnish work going on around the yard so it would get boring if I showed all those photos. We did get back to bedding hardware on this boat since it has had sufficient time to dry out inside.

Dont fall Kevin notice a few spots of separation on his new paint job – most likely due to all the silicone that was used on this boat. He decided to give it a quick sanding and spray on one more coat. I didn’t notice the spots but he wants the boat to be perfect.

Sand Man

Willy Update I haven’t had a Willy update for while but I did get a photo of him panning for gold. Is it my imagination or is he looking smaller and younger? I assume the new lifestyle is agreeing with him. Maybe I should go there!
Looking for Lucky’s Pot of Gold – St. Paddy’s Day