Could it be spring? I turned the heat off in my house this weekend and only ran the shop heater for a couple of hours yesterday.  Don’t get any grandiose ideas, not everybody can get an early launch and cold weather could come back at any time. Just enjoy the warmth while we have it. Warm weather does make us think “paint” and we started the top coat painting on the Legacy on Friday. We do the boot band first. They spent a fair amount of time getting the lines right because it’s pretty permanent.

He used a level on level

Then a bit of masking paper and the shoot. This actually kept Kevin here until everyone else had gone home. He must have been enjoying himself.

white boots

The jet drive work is still ongoing. Rumsey was filling pits and voids in the mounting flange.

Federal Work Project

The bow thruster job should be done by tomorrow. The hole shape is built up and faired and a final layer of glass and the barrier coat will go on by mid-week. This is a very nice profile.


This could be me one day (soon).