Cold. We had a t-top leaking from one of many, many less than optimally bedded bolts for the vast array of electronics, etc. mounted up there. Upon inspection the owner agreed that it all needed to be rebedded since the lights below were actually filled with water.  We hooked the vacuum up to one of the holes and let it run all day Friday but it is corecell so there was not much chance of damage to the core.  

super sucker

The bow thruster job is winding down now. You can see how nicely the battery box works. Notice the seal around the lid and the vent on top which will have hose attached to vent to anchor locker.

battery box

Also part of the job – I just like the photo.


This transom was just stripped and varnished a few years ago. You can see the problem lies elsewhere. It will need to be stripped again to get all the black out. Fortunately we only have to strip down half way and not all the way to the bottom.


It is apparent that there is a bedding problem with the piece of trim that caps off the transom. It is very evident once the trim is removed. You can see the black where water has been sitting in there.