Still “nippy” out there with a high predicted of 34 today but the rest of the week should be in the 40’s. I want to thank the reader who felt like rubbing salt into the wound by sending me some photos. We’ll seen green soon enough!

Thanks Geoff, I'm heading south

Kevin is setting the boys up to get the Legacy sanded today. He has such a back log going that the rudimentary sanding can be handled by these guys – they sand all the time!


I wanted to show you how well the refacing turned out on the panel in the entertainment center on the Trawlercat. This looks much better than two plugs filling the holes.


Also on the work order for this boat is to find the leak in the overhead. As we know, it could be leaking from somewhere else and be traveling. But you do have to start somewhere. The owner suspected the radar mast.


The fact that the mast is so well bedded that the tech was about to drive wedges under it to get it up lead us to believe this was not actually the offending fitting. But we can re-bed the screws and moved on to the spotlight.


You can where water has been under here for quite a while as is evidenced by the mold. King starboard doesn’t bed that well to start with and the fact that they used silicone to do all the bedding didn’t help. If that were my pad (and didn’t already have wiring going through it) I would rout a recess around the underside to allow the bedding to go up into it a bit and create a proper seal. With it wired we are just going to counter sink a bit of a hole on the underside of each screw hole. This will allow the caulking to seal some of the threads above deck level. First we are going to inject just a bit of acetone into each hole to chase the moisture out. We’ll leave it open for a while before bedding it back down again.

As long are we are bedding the radar mast back down, there is a whopping big hole on the back where the wire goes through. Since water could conceivably travel down the wire and though the hole (and not to mention the edge of the stainless chafing the cable) we are just going to put a proper rubber grommet in there.  It’s so quick and easy it would be stupid not to do it!

Plug that hole

Sorry for the long-winded post today.  As you may guess I am delaying the inevitable Monday morning routine.  I may even write something in the service log today if I get as bored as I predict.