Well, I wasn’t wrong (at least wasn’t wrong) about the snow on Sunday – we did have it but it was gone by lunchtime. The cold front that brought it in is supposed to hang around most of the week. It’s not so bad now that we see the end in sight. I long for the day when I can turn the little electric heater off. We are painting the little Perkins engine I showed last week. They were starting to derust, sanding and prep when I went out to the boat a few minutes ago. Parts that can be easily removed will be done off the boat – the engine itself will be done in the boat (with plenty of protection against overspray!) We clean a lot of heat exchangers here, and here is one in action. The process got delayed until I could make my once weekly trip into town to get more muratic acid. On the same boat we happened to discover a battery problem – a fairly serious one. One 8D and one smaller battery were totally toast. You can smell it when you walk in the boat.