It is a bone-chilling cold today with cold rain falling. We are going to be on a roller coaster this week temperature-wise. I think today would be described as “dreary”.


We lost most of our work crew early on Friday. They felt like they should go home early after being down in the septic pit to take a shower. What wimps! On the plus side, we didn’t have to smell them all day AND we have use of the heads again!

Fire in the hole

And speaking of heads, we are back on the head hose replacement this morning because you just can’t get enough of a good thing. Fortunately, this boat only has one head and all the components are in close proximity to one another so you don’t have to pull hoses all through the boat. At least we don’t  need a ladder for this one.

Smaller septic pit

I tried to get an “artsy” shot of the compounding going on out on the trawler CAT with the buffer in the foreground and the shiny gel behind it. However, my camera is such a POS that it just didn’t work out. I keep looking at new cameras but feel my money would be better spent on more tools – I must be a MAN.

Not so artsy at all